Colors are my life

Colors are my life
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sell or Hoard!?!

Still new to the art scene I'm having separation anxiety. As silly as it sounds it's happening.
You put so much love, excitement and care into each piece. Some get more love than others. This piece pictured above on records in one of those pieces that was loved just a bit more than my other recent pieces. It is not just assembly line production. There is a part of me in each piece. I create art that makes me happy with hopes of bringing a smile to others which is why I create. 
Does my separation anxiety go away as time goes by and I sell more art? Or will I become a hoarder and starving artist all in one fell swoop?
Only time will tell................
You'll probably get the answer if I can't find my computer one day from hoarding and the blog posts stop. If that happens please send art collectors to my door!

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