Colors are my life

Colors are my life
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Website

It's Raining Art Stop on by my New Website!!
Gallery of Art, Show Info, Links to shop, fan page and more Check it out!!
See you there

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sell or Hoard!?!

Still new to the art scene I'm having separation anxiety. As silly as it sounds it's happening.
You put so much love, excitement and care into each piece. Some get more love than others. This piece pictured above on records in one of those pieces that was loved just a bit more than my other recent pieces. It is not just assembly line production. There is a part of me in each piece. I create art that makes me happy with hopes of bringing a smile to others which is why I create. 
Does my separation anxiety go away as time goes by and I sell more art? Or will I become a hoarder and starving artist all in one fell swoop?
Only time will tell................
You'll probably get the answer if I can't find my computer one day from hoarding and the blog posts stop. If that happens please send art collectors to my door!

New Website

NEW WEBSITE!!! I just finished and published my first website dedicated to all my art. I will continuously be adding to it as I create more so always check back for more colorful creations.

Check it out

Paper Art

Florida Mangroves 2012

I'm obsessed with paper art. So much that I taught it to my students. I started making my paper doll shadow boxes back in October of 2011. I was creating paper dolls inspired by my whimsical kooky characters and just wanted more. Sure paper dolls are fun but they lack adventure. Which inspired me to create my shadow boxes in which my paper dolls command the scene. Each main character moveable and poseable so the scene is always changing and the viewer is in control and actually asked to touch the art a taboo act in the art world.

While making my shadow boxes I became curious about the world of paper art. It was something I had never looked into before and there are some crazy talented paper artists in this world. I stumbled upon the book PUSH by Jamie Zollars. Jamie Zollars also has a blog soley dedicated to paper which will not take such a hit on your wallet and you can view many of the same artist featured in PUSH.
Peter Callesen my favorite is unbelieveable he turns a boring white single sheet of paper into a masterpiece. Whether it be a skeleton sitting on a chair, a humming bird flying closely over a flower or a detailed castle with fallen bricks they are all individually amazing.

**I do apologize for any grammar issues within this post or the many that follow. I am much more comfortable with a paint brush in my hands where I can paint my feelings. Writting has never been my strength so many apologies for what may come.****

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Colors Abound!!

Welcome to my crazy colorful world!! This is my new blog and as I grow so will it.

I'm an artist obsessed with color it seems to be my M.O.

Adventure is always at the top of my list even if it's small it is always inspiring.

So here is to new adventures and new inspirations!!