Colors are my life

Colors are my life
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Artists of Drink and Doodle Round 2

The Artists of Drink and Doodle Round 2

Get ready for a fun time at French Connection! Drink and Doodle Fort Myers is back for Round 2. On November 30th at 7pm, 10 artists will all gather around one table. Each creating an individual art pieces that will be available for sale at the end of the event for the low price of $50. The public is encouraged to talk with the artists and learn a little bit more about their style while watching them work.

The first Drink and Doodle was a blast! This time we are introducing new artists and revisiting ones from the first ever Drink and Doodle Fort Myers. Wanna learn a little bit more about each artist before the event? Keep reading to see samples from each artists.

If you are an interested artists and want to participate in the next Drink and Doodle scheduled for January please email Alisha Koyanis at for more details on how to apply.























Mandalin Paul


Hoolie Huffer






Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Drink and Doodle Round 2

Drink and Doodle Fort Myers!!

Friday November 30th @ French Connection in Downtown Fort Myers

10 Artist will gather around one table to create new pieces of art with an edgy flair. All artists will have the same size of paper but will be allowed to use whatever media they choose to create their own piece. At the end of the event, all art work will go up for sale for $50 each. Each artist will also have their artwork displayed throughout French Connection as well. The art work will be on sale and will also give guests a great example of each artist's diverse style.

This event is a great way to promote local artists that may not be prominent in our area and also bring about some new styles of art. The Fort Myers art scene is growing rapidly. By bringing together local artists, with styles that have become popular in areas such as Miami, San Francisco and NYC, an unseen new flavor of art is about to be unleashed downtown.

This is a free event and open to the public. Come drink, socialize, and watch the artists at work. It is an art show with an edge mixed with a bunch of fun. It's a social event with great entertainment and affordable art you can purchase.
The first ever Drink and Doodle Fort Myers was a blast! Drink and Doodle was such a great success there has to be more. Drink and Doodle Fort Myers will be held bi-monthly.
Check out the pictures below from Fort Myers first ever Drink and Doodle

And of course I couldn't help myself. I got these pieces for a steal that night, and now they are all mine!!!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Doodles from Drink and Doodle

The first ever Drink and Doodle was a wonderful success!! It was a fun time and a great evening of creativity. Below are some of the pieces that were made during Drink and Doodle.

Mandalin Paul

Claudia Goode

Matt Lackey

Joe LeMay

Jason McDonald

Alisha Koyanis

Christina Penuel
All Pieces marked with a price are for sale and will be on display at Blue Dahlia Salon in Downtown Fort Myers starting Oct. 20th.
If you are interested in buying any of the pieces available please contact Alisha Koyanis at
Any interested artists wanting to participate in Drink and Doodle please contact Alisha Koyanis at